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Everything That Blings

                    Outfits For Sheila

    "2020 Dolly Parton Tribute Album"

    with Bongo Boy Records Nashille Office

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The Backporch in Kilgore, TX  10/18/2019 
Sheila Back Porch.jpg

For Bookings:  
Email our Manager Alan Fox 

Carthage TX, US   

Lee McKool / publicist

Email Our International

Booking Agent

Outfit for our Photo Shoot
  Performance on  9/28/2019 
  Jacqueline Henly of Everything            That Blings & Sheila              10/14/2019 
Outfit for the OS2 Pub
Marshall, TX 10/25/2019
Sheila OS2 outfit.jpg
After Five Concert Sept 6th 2019 Kilgore, TX.
Photo by  James Draper 
Sheila After Five.jpg
Outfit for Los Pinos Pittsburg, TX
performance 11/30/2019
los pinos Sheila.jpg
Everything That Blings.jpg
The JMA Awards  Nashville, TN 9/21/2019 
Sheila Red Carpet JMA.jpg
The Back Porch
February 21st 2020
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