Sheila and the
caddo kats videos

"2020 Dolly Parton Tribute Album"

 with Bongo Boy Records Nashille Office

reo Concert   5/15/2020
Concert the monday night blues jam   5/4/2020
Concert at Lake Striker 6/22/2019

Sheila & Kat Duo    "At Last"  Etta James  4/20/2020

For Smaller Shows We Suggest Using Us As A Duo!

Sheila & Kat Duo   

Sheila & Kat Duo    "Jackson" Johnny Cash 4/20/2020

Sheila & Kat Duo    "Would You"  by Alan Fox Live 4/20/2020

Sheila & Kat Duo    "Landslide"  by Stevie Nicks    4/20/2020

Sheila And The Caddo Kats
From The Edge of Texas

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